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Akari Paws

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         Here is little Miss Jovie, she’s in charge of the Emails. I’m using her as an example for demon characters but she will also appear in my example for children. (because at least physically she’s around 8 or 9)

           Below you can see Jovie. The picture on the left shows the place the wings and tail would go. In reality they can be placed anywhere really because a demon can look like anything you want, but typically that’s the proper location. Wings are generally placed on or just above the shoulder blades, indicated here with dark blue two gray circles. The tail would go where the lower circles is just above the buttocks. In this picture you can see Jovie’s cute little wings and tail. I chose a typical demon tail with the point on the end.


Here is the finished picture of Jovie.


          Generally a demon’s wing is a bat like wing. Here is a simple diagram of a bat’s wing. Its like an arm with really long bony fingers. Between the bones is a thin membrane like skin used to scoop air and create flight.


         More often then not though the wings that demons will have in the shows are little more simple, only starting with the elbow to the wrist then branches out with fingers. Below are a couple of simple pictures to show you what I mean. Typically there are three to four “fingers” in the wing, those are that lines that branch out from the “wrist”.


         To help give you all a better idea of different demon designs and types here is a small collection of pictures that I’ve done of demons. These pictures are all copy righted from stories that I’ve written.


All things belonging to this site are copy righted by Akari Paws

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