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Akari Paws

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             Angels of course typically have white feathered wings and halo’s, but that’s not always true. I like to draw angels with bright colorful wings. The same principles for a bats wing applies to a birds wing minus the fingers. There is a shoulder, elbow and wrists. Instead of fingers there are primary feathers, which are the large feathers that help birds to fly.


            This picture here is a very simplified version of a feathered wing. Feathers on wings are spread out in layers starting with the primary feathers which are the largest ones. They gradually get smaller as they come up over the wing. If you have ever seen how tile or shingles are laid on a roof, it’s the same principle.

Angel Wing Styles

               Below I’ve have several examples of different kinds of wing styles and colors. Really when you want to draw an angel you’re simply adding wings on there back in the same place you’d add the bat wings on a Demon, on the back over the shoulder blades.




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