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Akari Paws

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My Art work

         Well I used to have a web site, Mr. Popo Inc, but it was limited on space just like Akari paws. SO I finally caved in and created a deviant art gallery. I’m very glad I did I have made several new friends and its motivated me to work harder at my artwork being around tons of other artists.

My ID is: Naomi-Shikaru

My art type: Anime Artist

         If you are interested in seeing my work, have requests for commissions or even wanted to donate money to me or buy something from my gallery you can find me at the link below. :D

see my gallery here

All things belonging to this site are copy righted by Akari Paws

Help me work towards a better web site and keep me in artist supplies and even help me with my feeding my kitties! Any little bit helps! :)