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How to draw Men Pt. 2

            I got a request on how to draw men with there shirt on. As I’ve said before guys aren’t my strongest point so I’ll do the best I can to help out those who worse off then I am.

           I only recently started to draw men without their shirts to be honest and now I find it much easier to draw them without a shirt then it is to draw them with one, lol. For those who have a hard time drawing men without a shirt on I find that going around and collecting pictures of shirtless men, be them real men or anime characters, is very helpful. I have done this myself. Whenever I can’t remember how the muscular or bone structure is I just look through the pictures. In most cases, unless it’s a guys anime or a realistic style anime, guys don’t have a lot of definition.

Here are three examples of guys with out shirts on:

  1. The first one is “Armstrong” from Full Metal Alchemist
  2. The next is “Bear” from .hack//SIGH
  3. And of course “Inuyasha” from InuYasha



Xan’s regular clothes are kind like something out of a video game, kind of an old pirate like feel to it, least it seems that way to me. Anyways, for the purpose of this tutorial I thought more modern clothing would be more helpful.

In this picture you can see Xan in newer clothes, with a shirt on, and in the second picture an older picture I drew of him where he is just wearing the pants to his regular costume. The lesson in this section I am doing over that first picture.

As you can see in the second picture Xan is defined similarly to how Inuyasha is. These are the basic lines used for simple definition. I’d also say it’s the most commonly used unless you specifically want a large barony character.


1.) The reason why I think its important to learn how to draw men, women to, with out there clothing on makes your picture turn out better in the head. Having the body properly drawn lets the clothing drawn on the body look its best. (unless the clothes are supper baggy)

              Start out as always with the head. Draw out your circles for all of the major joints. Start with the shoulders, then elbows, hips, knee’s and then ankles. In this picture Xan’s hands are crossed over which is why you only see one circle for the wrist. In this picture here Xan’s shoulder are slightly rounded because he’s hunching over slightly, also this picture is at a tiny upward angle. Something I just learned, after drawing this picture, is that the legs when spread apart shouldn’t come out any wide then the width of the shoulders other wise it looks funny. Unfortunately his legs come out a little bit wider then his shoulders. (If you don’t remember from the first part of the men’s section, Xan is a little over 7 head lengths tall.)


2.) Here in the second picture you can see the triangle! The almighty triangle!!! Lol. Sorry, its just something really important that you should remember about male characters. Men are wedge shaped, like a slice of pizza. The shoulders are broad and the hips should tapper in, just as the picture here dose.

           I overlaid the green triangle to show you how far the feet should be spread apart. As you can see that left leg is sticking out just a little to much.

(Note: Always remember when you are drawing a character facing you, your right is there left and your left is there right. If you are drawing them from behind then your left and right are the same.)

           Also noticed how the sides of the green triangle all run through the circles of the joints.


3.) As always draw the center line down the middle of the body. Notice the curving of the dark red line down the middle of the torso, its doing this because its fallowing the couture of the chest and stomach. On the head you should dissect the face into four’s, shown here with red lines.

               Notice where the purple arrows at the top of the picture are pointing. Because Xan’s hands are pulled in front of him the shoulders are rounded. They would be more square if they were at his sides or behind him.

            The dark green arrow in the middle is pointing to the hands. The left hand is laid over the right and grasping hold of it. This is why the fingers aren’t visible, however the knuckles should be pronounced so its known that there are fingers there.

             The legs, which is what the dark blue arrows are pointing to, should be pretty straight. Legs on men are something that I used to have a really hard time with strangely enough. I was so used to drawing shapely women legs that the men ended up with the same thing and it made them look very odd, lol. For the kind of body type Xan has his legs are pretty straight, only dipping in where slightly at the knee and at the ankles.


4.) Clothing over laid on the outline to show you the finished picture. (You can still see where the joints are.) On average the clothing is pretty fitted, this lets you see the shape of the body underneath. Indicated by the red arrows are all the wrinkles in the average locations when a guy is wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Note. The first arrow on the left side: when the fabric drops off the shoulder it should point down because of gravity. Also where the pink arrow is, remember to add in that little opening, it shows that the sleeve is actually rapped around the arm. Little details like this makes your pictures look real and three-dimensional.

           For the post that Xan is in there should be wrinkles on the chest between the pecks (because Xan is in good shape and has pec’s), there should be wrinkles just below the pec’s and there should be some running horizontally across the stomach because he’s slouching some. Don’t forget slight wrinkles at the arm pits.

           Down to the pants. Because he’s jeans are on the tight site there should be horizontal lines from the fabric behind stretched across the crotch. Smaller wrinkles at the knee’s shows that, that part of the body bends, and wrinkles at the ankle form not only because of movement but because the fabric slightly piles up there on top the shoes. (unless your character is wearing high-waters, lol)


           Lastly you’d add in the shoes and other details. You should know how to draw in a face by now if you’ve looked through a lot of my tutorials. Because this tutorial was basically on how to draw a men dressed in clothing, I decided not to go into a lot of detail on the face, but here is a little close up on Xan’s cute little mug in color. As you can see by the yellow lines (that I always preach about adding in) the nose is just blow the intersection of the lines and the bottom lid of the eye is resting on the horizontally running line. The space between the eyes should be close to the same wide as the eyes you are drawing, but this dose change some depending on the angle your head is at.

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