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How to Draw Woman II

A little more info...


Women’s basic’s II:

            I decided to do a more in-depth tutorial on women. Believe it or not, about five years ago I totally sucked at drawing humans. I had been a real big animals lover all my live, so all I used to draw was animals. It wasn’t until I started to get really into Anime again when I started to draw people. Since most of my favorite shows star mainly female characters I learned to draw women in a trail by error fashion. Also I looked up tutorials online like a mad woman, lol. I still do this because everyone has room to improve. I love learning new techniques and as I learn them I will share them with you.

             Once I became a huge Tenchi Muyo! Fan I was drawing there characters all the time. Because of this I finally became half was decent at drawing women.

            I love drawing the female form, its so curvy. Because I have drawn women so much, my skill at drawing men sadly needs some major improvement, lol. (Like I said, no one’s perfect and everyone needs to improve.)’

             The female form can be long and thin, stout and curvy, tall and straight, and plumpy. Most often times in Japanese Anime women are drawn with long slender bodies with curves that could honestly only be found in another galaxy. But we all still love them just the same.

Here are some various body type examples below.


            The form of the body takes on so many different shapes in various positions as well. Take of example when you raise your arm (this applies to males and females) you’re shoulder disappears as your collar bones raise up. The female form is much softer containing more fatty cells then a male, which is why its so much softer and curvy. Take this for example:


             The pictures above illustrates when laying on a hard surface such as a floor, the softer parts of the body such as the hips, thighs, butt, and breasts rest against the surface with some pressure applied, the soft tissue spreads out and flatten. Actually, with this soft tissue is pressed against anything it will take the shape of the object its against (which is a reason for under wire in bras.) Think of the softest part of a woman’s body as a piece of bread dough. When you set a piece of rolled up dough down on the counter top, the force from its own weight pushes it into t he counter thanks to gravity. In doing this, on one surface of the ball begins to flatten out, taking the form of the counter itself.

With extra force the soft dough takes a flattened pancake like form.


             One of the hardest things for most people to deal with when drawing women is the breasts. I still have problems with them some times when I haven’t drawn anything in a while.


Remembering these few things will help you when ever drawing women in just about any pose:

  • When arms are raised, shoulders disappear and breasts raise up as well. They also tend to pull farther apart.
  • Applying any extra pressure against them causes them to spread out and flatten.
  • When bending over the breasts so to be larger because gravity is no longer pressing them down. Depending on the how a women is bending over the breasts will be pressed together forming an excess amount of cleavage. The tricky part of this pose is the placement of the arms. If there to the sides and slightly behind the breasts, the breasts themselves pop out more. The arms are beside the breasts and slightly in front of them, the breasts will still be pushed together, but also be pressed back against the ribs.
  • To the side breasts ARE NOT ROUND LIKE A BALL!. To the side a breast some what looks like a circle cut in half and placed against the rib cage.
  • Breasts are made out of a soft fatty tissue and easily mode to anything. With added pressure breasts are tend to flatten out into a pancake like shape.
  • Lastly, and most importantly of all… BREASTS ARE NOT BALLOONS! DO NOT DRAW THEM THAT WAY!

            Take the time to practice drawing from real pictures of women. I sent away for various clothing catalogs for this purpose. They work quite well. I’ve found that Victoria Secret, despite the fact that it shows many of the same pictures over and over again is quite helpful for this.

               Basic’s still stand as they did in the pervious “How to draw Women” tutorial. A woman’s body measures 6 to 8 head lengths. The average is about 7, 7 head lengths. The hips are two head lengths turned on there side and the shoulders are two head widths. The nipples of the breasts its found at the second head lengths down from under the chin, the crotch is usually the fourth one down or 3 head lengths down. (Most anime characters its 3 head lengths down) And legs very from show to show. On average the legs are longer then the torso itself.. The lower half of the leg is longer then the thigh, not sure why this is, I think its done to creature a more sexy look, but who knows.

              I’ve noticed more recently in new shows that women seem to be getting drawn more realistically instead of the Sailor Moon style that I had originally learned. Take Witch Hunter Robin for instance. Robin is draw with fairly realistic proportions and features. The characters from the Zoid’s shows are the same way. Fiona from Zoids: Chaotic Century, as well as Moon Beam, are both draw realistically. They aren’t extremely skinny with tiny twig necks and stick like arms and legs, nor are they drawn with overly long legs.

              If you are serious about wanting to draw really good anime I recommend picking up “How to Draw Manga” books. They are quite helpful. If you don’t want to shell out the $20 for each book (which I think is a little steap personally) make your own. If you love anime I’m sure you have lots of anime character pictures. Do as I did and just collect pictures to use as refrence when you need them. They can help with various poses, clothing and hair ideas, as well as ideas for backgrounds in your own drawings.

          Well my little sponges, I hope all of my rambling has helped you in some way. I really do love drawing and I love drawing anime. I have hopes of one day being able to have my own show, or if I get better at drawing actions poses and scenes, to have my own comic. You, just like me, just need to try harder to obtain your goals and contently look for ways to improve.

Anyways my Darlings, I will see you again soon.

Be sure to check in often for new tutorials on your favorite anime characters.

Till then.



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